Di.et Review: What I Experienced

Di.et Review

Want to lose the extra pound? Having that extra layer of belly fat is not a nice situation to be in. You definitely would look around searching for strict exercise routines and diet plans to get rid of those extra pounds.

The irony is that gaining weight has always been too easy and losing it has been almost near to impossible. That was my case too till I was faced with a deadline. My best friend’s wedding was around the corner and I was now faced with the impending

My best friend’s wedding was around the corner and I was now faced with the impending spinsters party. Guess what? My best friend had always loved the seas and hence had chosen a beach for the same. Now that is not a nice situation to be in if you get to know about all this just with a month in hand.

Let me tell you that I have always faced confidence issues regarding my body. And I have looked for options everywhere be it the internet or fitness programs. But I had never faced such strict deadlines before. I definitely wanted to feel good about my body before I hit the beach.

The wedding happened last month. And let me tell you that I did wear my favourite bikini on the beach without one ounce of doubt. I have never felt better about my body as I feel about it right now having lost 10 pounds in 15 days. So, the miracle did happen. Out of all the various options on the internet (which I had already been fed up of), Di.et made the impossible possible. This is my review of Di.et, a 15-day diet plan.

Di.et is a 15-day weight loss program grounded on a strong scientific background. The brand promises a weight loss of up to 15 pounds in 15 days. Now that might sound like a far-fetched claim. But then I have seen results. This is not the first diet plan I have ever been introduced to.

I have taken various other diet plans. In most cases, the results take a lot of time to show or the claims turn to be false. The brand also positions itself as a quick solution to losing weight ahead of a vacation or holiday. This positioning is also very apt as can be seen from my case.

Di.et provides a package of

  • Meal plans
  • Exercise plans
  • Introduction guide
  • Supplement guide
  • Maintenance guide

What makes Di.et stand out from other diet plans is its scientific methodology. The introduction guide lays the basic framework to motivate the user. It is the troubleshooting phase to clear your mindset and remove the obstacles beforehand.

Be it maintaining consistency or continuing a diet plan, this guide is intended to make us prepared for the upcoming 15 days. It is well equipped with definite strategies to counter the several roadblocks.

The diet guide which lists down the meal plans is a comprehensive scientific guide. The strategies vary depending on whether the user is a meat lover or a vegetarian. It starts by introducing the foods to eat to initiate the metabolism of burning fat.

It then scientifically goes on to explain the general physiology of fat metabolism. It lists down a daily breakdown of the meal schedule, the quantity of food and the list of foods to be consumed. All we need to do is simply follow the plan and see the results for ourselves.

The work out guide is perfect for those who cannot afford to spend much time in the gym. The work outs are simple and a daily schedule of the workouts including the set and rep counts and the rest periods is given. I find the workout program to be highly effective and revitalizing as it directly attacks the target areas keeping the 15-day time frame in mind.

In addition to these useful guides, Di.et also offers a supplement and a maintenance guide. To achieve expected output, natural supplements are required. No synthetic supplements are recommended by the guide. The natural supplements when used in the right proportions act as a catalyst in burning fat. Fish oil, cleanse tea, whey protein are some of the many supplements recommended for the purpose.

The next hard thing in losing weight is maintaining it. This is the current phase I am going through but thanks to the maintenance guide, I have been able to maintain my physique. This guide is a treasure of information ranging from strengthening the willpower to maintaining the perfect diet balance.

Having said that, this product is also refundable. The company has a return policy if the expected results are not achieved. Plus, priced at a discounted price of $45 it is affordable and since it is available on the digital platforms, no shipping hassles are involved. I would highly recommend this product after all the fun I had on the beach.